Stephen Bussey

Staff Software Architect @ SalesLoft

Steve is a software architect based in Atlanta, GA. He loves building software, from frontend applications powered by vanilla JS / React, to server applications powered by Elixir or Ruby. He also leaves teaching and empowering others to find their success in the software industry. Steve is the author of "Real-Time Phoenix: Build Highly Scalable Systems with Channels" by Pragmatic Bookshelf. He believes that real-time applications can offer important user experience improvements and enjoys writing about it.

Anatomy of a Real-Time Elixir App

Audience: Intermediate, Proficient

In this session, Stephen will show us how a real-time Elixir app works—from client to server. What does it mean to have a “real-time” web application? What communication layers can be used (WebSocket, SSE) and how are they used in real-time apps? How does a JavaScript client connect to the server? How does the Elixir server work, and what makes it great for real-time apps? This talk includes snippets of much of the code that powers Channels (and also LiveView), so you can see how it works first-hand.