Dániel Vámosi

A visual thinker, working on making BEAM big in the aviation industry

Dániel started as an architect (not software) 15 years ago, he then gradually switched to software development and later engineering management. Since 2016 January Dániel has been leading the tech for flyiin.com and bringing BEAM technologies to the aviation industry.

Visual concurrency cookbook

Audience: Intermediate

While building an air travel distribution system, the number and variety of concurrency patterns we need to evaluate and apply can be vast. Sometimes OTP comes to the rescue, sometimes good tricks from the community, sometimes our own designs.

Dániel has been prototyping visualisation tools for the BEAM for a few years already, he has also given some talks around the topic. This time, Dániel would like to use these tools to tell their journey and present their learnings through a visual concurrency cookbook.