2020 keynote highlights

ElixirConf EU Virtual June 2020 Keynotes

In June 2020, we hosted our very first virtual ElixirConf EU event. ElixirConf EU has long been the premiere Elixir users event in Europe. It provides a hub for like-minded community members to come together, share ideas, inspire each other, learn and ultimately, grow both the language and its community.

The event was a great success with 400 members of the Elixir community attending. One of the surprising benefits of the virtual conference was that many Elixir users from other parts of the world had the opportunity to attend. This included Elixir programmers from Japan, U.S.A and even a keen attendee from Australia (where the event started at midnight local time).

Another unique feature of the event was the amount of live interaction with the speakers. As you’ll see in the keynote videos, our speakers provided valuable insights and interactions, answering the questions of our live attendees.

For those of you who weren’t able to attend, the keynote videos are available on our YouTube channel, and this blog. We will also be releasing a selection of other talks exclusively via the blog in the coming months.

Lastly, don’t miss out on our next virtual event in October. Purchasing a ticket guarantees you access to all talks, plus, live discussion and networking, job opportunities, exclusive sponsor giveaways and heaps more. Early bird tickets are on sale now!

Keynotes from ElixirConf EU Virtual June 2020

Chris McCord: What’s new in LiveView

Phoenix LiveView is a game-changing framework for Elixir. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen huge developments in its popularity and its adoption. For those of you new to Elixir, LiveView allows developers to create rich, real-time user experiences and web apps without requiring any JavaScript.

In his keynote talk at ElixirConf EU Virtual 2020 in June, Chris McCord, the creator of Phoenix LiveView, outlined the upcoming plans for both growth and improvement of the framework. This included plans to introduce deep change tracking and a view for LiveView to be giving users feedback by default to ensure that Phoenix LiveView is a good citizen on the web. Discover the full talk in the video below.

Jane Walerud: Got a technical idea? How to build a company from there.

Jane Walerud is a serial tech entrepreneur with a connection to the BEAM community. She was pivotal in persuading Ericsson to release Erlang open source. Since then, she has invested in fifteen other companies, including Klarna (before incorporation), Tobii, Lensway and more. In her keynote at ElixirConf EU Virtual she shared her knowledge and insight into how to build a successful, financially viable company out of a technical idea.

This was an extremely interactive talk, with Jane leaving plenty of time for questions from our attendees, who asked a range of insightful questions. The result is a fabulous talk that is sure to help anyone thinking of turning their technical knowledge into a successful company.

Anna Neyzberg, Amos King and Chris Keathley: Elixir Outlaws live

Elixir Outlaws is an extremely popular Elixir podcast featuring three of the most respected members of the community. It is hosted by Amos King (CEO of Binary Noggin and Erlang Ecosystem Foundation member), Anna Neyzberg (co-founder of ElixirBridge) and Chris Keathley (Senior Engineer at Bleacher Report). The team made the most of the virtual conference format, using the opportunity to host a live podcast full of interaction from our global attendee list.

If these talks have inspired you to enjoy an upcoming ElixirConf event, then you should book your ticket to join us on October 7-8. We have a fantastic line up of speakers including Chris McCord, Linda Achieng’ Otieno, Sigu Magwa, Marlus Saraiva and heaps more. Get the full details on the home page.