Ivan Lanese

Associated professor in Computer Science at University of Bologna/INRIA

Associate professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of University of Bologna since 2018 (previously researcher since 2011), part of the Focus research group, joint group between University of Bologna and INRIA Sophia Antipolis. I work in the field of theoretical computer science, programming languages and formal methods. I have been author of more than 70 papers in international conferences and journals in the area. Recently I focused on studying reversible computing and in particular reversible debugging of concurrent systems.

Causal-consistent reversible debugging for Erlang

Causal-consistent reversible debugging allows one to explore a computation backwards from a visible misbehavior looking for the bug causing it, following causality links and navigating among different processes. I will explain the main ideas underlying causal-consistent reversible debugging and then give a brief demo using the CauDEr reversible debugger.

Talk objectives:

They will learn what is causal-consistent reversible debugging, and how it can be used in practice via the CauDEr tool (admittedly a research prototype, not yet ready for production). Interested people may decide to join the CauDEr project to contribute making it production ready.


Erlang programmers.