Stockholm | 13 May 2024
(tutorials on 14 May)

A full day celebration of the Erlang Ecosystem.

Join us in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Erlang/OTP User Conference! Code BEAM Lite Stockholm is here to carry on the amazing legacy of the Erlang Users and Erlang Factory conferences.

Learn. Share. Inspire.

The Conference for Erlang and Elixir Developers in Sweden

Meet people and companies using and developing high performance, fault-tolerant and resilient applications that scale to billions of users in production in areas like Fintech, eCommerce, IoT, Gaming, Blockchain, Security, Machine Learning and more. Code BEAM Stockholm is in the home of Erlang and has a strong community of developers from the Nordics. Come and join us to learn from each other, share knowledge and be inspired all while growing your network of contacts.

More advanced developers will appreciate that our programme is packed with cutting-edge thought provoking talks. At Code BEAM Lite Stockholm we will uncover how BEAM languages are transforming areas like IoT, Fintech, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Security and more!

Developers of every level can expect to learn from each other, share knowledge all while growing our community reach in the Nordics.


Ingela Anderton Andin

Senior Erlang/OTP core developer

Why Erlang?!

Hayleigh Thompson

I have an unpublished package for that.

The next 30 years

Francesco Cesarini

Founder & Technical Director of Erlang Solutions

The next 30 years

Tommy Andersson

Line Manager for Erlang OTP

The next 30 years

Kiko Fernandez-Reyes

Computer Science Engineer

Why Erlang?!

Roberto Aloi

Software engineer at @meta / @whatsapp, author of Erlang LS

The next 30 years

Lennart Fridén

Developer of developers and systems

The next 30 years


Dániel Szoboszlay

Juggling the data of Europe's biggest fintech unicorn





Natalia Chechina

One of the Core Authors of SD Erlang, Senior Developer @ Erlang Solutions

Observability & Debugging on the BEAM

Francesco Cesarini

Founder & Technical Director of Erlang Solutions

Observability & Debugging on the BEAM

Brian Underwood

Consultant at Erlang Solutions

Secure Coding In Elixir

Dmytro Lytovchenko

Working with what others deem too hard or impossible

Working With Legacy Code


Thanks to Erlang Solutions we're running a Diversity & Inclusion Programme for Code BEAM Lite Stockholm!
The goal of the programme is to increase the diversity of attendees and offer support to groups underrepresented in the tech community who would not otherwise be able to attend the conference. The Diversity & Inclusion Programme focuses primarily on empowering women, ethnic minorities or people with disabilities, among others, but everybody is welcome to apply. Read more about the process here.



Stavros Aronis

Developer and Trainer at Erlang Solutions

Lars Wikman

Consultant & contractor. Enjoying many aspects of code life.

Ingela Anderton Andin

Senior Erlang/OTP core developer

Jesper Eskilson

Erlang Community Lead and Lead Engineer at Klarna

Sebastian Strollo

Erlang Developer and Cofounder at Avassa


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