Guilherme de Maio

Software Engineer in love with Elixir/Erlang

Guilherme is a software engineer with 10 years’ worth of experience, focused on web applications, from ops to backend. He is currently working at Telnyx, a CPaSS company aiming at democratizing universal communications. Guilherme has been in love with Elixir since he started working with the language in 2015, he is an active member of Elixir Meetups in São Paulo, Brazil and spreading Elixir love all around :)

Crashing BEAM applications

We often talk about embracing failures and making resilient applications, and how BEAM helps us do that. Nonetheless, there are several ways you can write code that will crash your application, and sometimes the whole VM! This talk is about those things, showing several ways, Guilherme may or may not have managed to crash the BEAM in the past, some obvious, and some not that obvious ;)