Milton Mazzarri

Senior Software Engineer

Milton is a Systems Engineer and an enthusiast of the Free/Libre Open Source Software philosophy.

He left his homeland (Venezuela) more than a decade ago and began exploring other opportunities worldwide. He worked for some years in Mexico, and now he works in the United States of America, always doing what he likes, software development.

Among the things he likes the most are reading books, mainly in the science-fiction, biography, history, or technical categories. He also enjoys sharing time with family and friends, playing tennis, going for a bike ride, playing football, or just running near home. But, of course, he’s also passionate about Computer Science and Programming Languages.

Tackling Technical Debt at Adobe: A Story which started at

After the aquisition of by Adobe, priorities shifted. From being a startup, we were catapulted to a world of enterprise software development, with the potential of a 10x increase in volumes. Our first priority was tackling technical debt so as to allow us to scale and integrate with their other products.

In this talk, we will share some of the technical challenges we faced with a 6 year old Elixir code base and how we dealt with them. From internal code changes, improvements in stability, observability, the database layer, and of course, scalability. These initial improvements allowed us to replace some of the in-house applications with OSS and other Professional packages like Oban Pro+Web, and Broadway. In this talk, you will learn not only how to deal with technical debt, but also how to deal with management, getting them involved in the process and giving you the bandwidth you need to address the issues.


Show how the team behind gained stability, observability and scalability after focusing on paying its technical debt in a six-year-old codebase. And how tackling issues directly in our often neglected RDBMS resulted in immediate benefits.


Elixir Developers, Database (PostgreSQL) analysts