Peer Stritzinger

GRiSP Inventor, Distributed Computing in IoT and everywhere

Peer discovered Erlang in 2007 and has been relying on it ever since. Fascinated by all its emergent properties which are quite non-obvious from afar. Around it he found the best developer community one could wish for being part of.

He is Founder and Director of Peer Stritzinger GmbH which created GRiSP, a platform to run Erlang on small embedded systems and focusses on building Automotive, Industrial IoT and Smart Cities applications and tries to use Erlang technology wherever useful. Participating in several EU funded research projects, he is trying to push the envelope for what can be done with Erlang and the other languages on the BEAM.

Peer’s previous experience ranges from low level device drivers to functional languages in industrial and automotive applications. He initially mastered in physics at the Technical University Munich. He has been working self-employed as a developer since 1987 and also consulted in applied cryptography and protocol design and implementation. He is since ever living and working in the idyllic countryside west of Munich, Bavaria.