Andreas Löscher

Software Engineer @WhatsApp

Andreas did a PhD in Uppsala Sweden, where he worked on the Property-Based Testing tool proper. After finishing his PhD he then moved on to Meta, where he works in the Developer Infrastructure team of WhatsApp with the goal to make Erlang development scale to large code bases and generally as pleasant as possible.

Building Erlang with Buck2

Buck2 is Meta’s next generation large-scale build tool used to build most code within Meta. WhatsApp developed and open-sourced the Erlang rules that are used to build the services that provide private messaging for over 2 billion users.

In this talk we talk buck2, and the advantages it provides for us building millions of lines of Erlang code. We will talk about what type of projects can benefits from using buck2, and finally, we will also talk about how to make use of the rules in your own project.


Maintainers and integrators of large Erlang code-bases, and people interested in large-scale build tools.