Katelynn Burns

Software Engineer at Launch Scout

An apprentice software engineer at Launch Scout with a background in Psychology and education. Katelynn has a Bachelors degree in psychology and is a bootcamp graduate from the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy. Experience with Javascript and Elixir. Katelynn has been engineering for over a year as a full stack developer.

How Elixir Helped Me to Love the Back-End

As someone whose main language was Javascript, I used to dread the backend. I would create the bare minimum and then set my focus on the frontend. Now that I use Elixir, however, I love working in the backend. This talk focuses on how Elixir makes the backend easy and intuitive and much less intimidating for anyone who shied away from the backend before.

Talk objectives:

This talk aims to help earlier developers gain the confidence to explore an area of the code they may find intimidating and to give a starting point on how to explore the backend and Elixir, as well as discuss the differences that make Elixir a great language for the backend.

Target audience:

Younger developers who are still picking a language or anyone who finds the backend intimidating, unapproachable, or uninteresting.