Evadne Wu

Judge of Spawnfest 2021 / Winner of Spawnfest 2020 / Creator of Etso & Packmatic

Evadne is a software engineer with prior experience in mobile application development and the current focus on Web-based applications and integration of exogenous services.

How to Sell Elixir (Again)

How to Sell Elixir (Again)

We have celebrated 10 years of Elixir and also nearly 25 years of Erlang since the open source release in December 1998.

Most of the libraries that were needed to make the ecosystem viable have been built, talks given, books written, conferences held and training sessions provided. A new generation of companies have been built on top of the Elixir / Erlang ecosystem. In all measures, we have achieved further reach and maturity than 5 years ago.

In the session, Evadne will revisit the topic of Elixir adoption, and discuss the following topics, based on her personal ideas, beliefs, and experience:

  • Migrating and managing Erlang & Elixir workloads
  • Designing B2B / B2C systems that leverage the ecosystem’s capabilities
  • Ensuring continued evolution of the team, the organisation and the ecosystem