Lukas Larsson

Erlang/OTP team member

Lukas first came in contact with Erlang 2004 while studying in Göteborg. He has been working with Erlang at Erlang Solutions for about 20 years in many different industries. Since 2010 he’s been a consultant with the Erlang/OTP team at Ericsson AB, mainly working on the development of the Erlang VM.

Documenting Erlang/OTP

In Erlang/OTP 27 a new way of documenting code will be added, documentation attributes. I will go through what the new documentation attributes look like, what makes it different from what we had before and how it may effect your project.

Finally I will show how the Erlang/OTP project was updated to use the new attributes and the tools used to generate the documentation.


  • To get an understanding of how documentation attributes work and the advantages to be gained by migrating your project to use them.


  • Any developer interested in writing great documentation.