Sebastian Strollo

Erlang Developer and Cofounder at Avassa

Sebastian Strollo has been an Erlang programmer since 1991, when he was introduced to the language by its authors at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory. Intrigued by the language and the lab, he stayed on, seeing Erlang through internal Ericsson use, and then being part of making it open source in 1998.

He has since been part of several successful Erlang startups, most recently Tail-f Systems, which was acquired by Cisco in 2014. Currently, Sebastian is a co-founder and developer at a new startup called Avassa, where Erlang is being leveraged to bring the cloud experience to the edge.

Sebastian has been a part of Erlang Ecosystem Foundation since its inception as an organization for and by the BEAM community. He is on the board of directors, and serves as treasurer and secretary of the board.