Thomas O'Rourke

Worked on Media Player 1.0 @ Microsoft making computers do more than beep-beep.

Thomas’ greatest strengths are enthusiasm and mentoring. He keeps himself busy making sense of software stacks/organisations and driving products to market. Having worked with a variety of computer languages, systems and fields for three decades gives some perspective. He has been using Elixir for several years now and is an avid supporter and evangelist for the language, organising meet-ups, blogging and committing when he can.

“Take it apart until you understand how it works,” is his motto – he’s currently busy putting lots of things back together.

Taking Elixir live at a bank

Thomas O’Rourke and Michał Olczak are from OP Labs team that introduced Elixir to OP Financial group. Several production Elixir systems have now been launched, including a payment system based on facial recognition (Pivo Kasvomaksu in Finnish) which is being used at several coffee shops in Finland and is the first of its kind launched in Europe.

They will present:

  • Adopting Elixir at a bank - the unique requirements and challenges they faced in this setting,
  • Highlight of their experiences with Elixir - showcasing some of the key architectural benefits.