Braid: Planet Scale Orchestration, Secure, Distributed Erlang Nodes from Cloud to Edge and IoT

Peer Stritzinger


“Braid” - a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionise the way we handle distributed computing and orchestration. Braid is a set of open-source Erlang/OTP applications that enables spawning and orchestration of containers, facilitating seamless and communication between them and their peers across various platforms from cloud to edge. Discover how Braid can connect Erlang Nodes in arbitrary topologies with out of the box secure Erlang distribution. Braid achieves this without exposing private keys to the application. Showcasing Braid’s ability to deploy planet wide topologies on and tie in IoT nodes using GRiSP technology and container generation directly from rebar3. Braids functionality can and will also be extended to various containers and microkernel-based applications. allowing hybrid applications on heterogenous networks.


  • Learn how to use Braid CLI to define connections and control the infrastructure, Braidnet for deployment on cloud platforms like, and Braidnode to extend and integrate the hosted applications. Discover how Braid integrates a robust certificate infrastructure through Braidcert to ensure secure Erlang distribution between instances.
  • Learn how to easily created containerised Erlang releases directly from rebar3


  • This talk is perfect for developers, system architects, and technology enthusiasts eager to learn about the latest advancements in distributed computing and secure orchestration. Erlang, Elixir, LFE and any other language in the ecosystem.