Nerves in a Cloud World

Jason Axelson


Nerves is an amazing project that allows you to run your Elixir projects on embedded devices. But did you know that your Nerves projects can escape the confines of hardware and live in the ethereal cloud? Yes, it’s true! I’ve been running a “production” Nerves project in the cloud for over a year and now. Although we know this is not the point of Nerves, it is fun to push the boundaries of Nerves and see what it can bring to novel situations. Join me in this talk to learn how to run Nerves in the cloud and what niche applications might benefit from such a set-up.


Everyone who attends should have an understanding of how you can run a Nerves project in the cloud and why (and why not) you would want to.


People that like to push the boundaries and experiment with alternative paradigms.