Secure Coding In Elixir (in Person)




So you have mastered Elixir. Now the time has come to ask yourself a question: how secure is the code you are running? Do you know about BEAM potential vulnerabilities, the ways to attack it and how to defend against it? Join the Secure Coding in Elixir course to learn about Elixir good practices, which corners avoid and crush the BEAM in all sorts of funny ways.

This training covers the following topics:

  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Sandboxing untrusted code
  • Preventing timing attacks
  • Applying OTP libraries (ssl, inets, crypto and others) to secure your code

Training objectives:

  • To learn about secure coding recommendations for programmers on the BEAM.
  • To be able to reduce vulnerabilities in projects and choose robust alternatives to dangerous functions.
  • To learn how to reduce the attack surface of a production environment.

Target audience:

  • Intermediate Elixir developers, testers and devops working with BEAM projects

Training prerequisites:

  • Basic Elixir syntax and concepts
  • Basic familiarity with the BEAM

Experience level: