Self-Healing Software Using Autonomous LLM Agents

Vlad Luzin


The session delves into the integration of Elixir with GPT-4, offering a glimpse into the future of self-healing code. This session explores the challenges and potential of developing a robust, fault-tolerant software platform capable of autonomous error correction via hot code reloading.

Delve into the mechanics of runtime error correction, code evolution, and the AI-driven processes that empower Open Elixir Self-Healing Intelligence to autonomously navigate and rectify software anomalies in real-time, revolutionizing the way we approach software resilience and reliability in critical applications.


  • Understanding the Integration of Elixir with GPT-4: Gain insights into how Elixir’s robust features are enhanced with GPT-4’s AI capabilities for innovative coding solutions.

  • Hot Code Reloading in Practice: Understand the practical application and benefits of hot code reloading for immediate updates and fixes in live environments.

  • The Future of Software Development: Get a glimpse into the future of software development, where AI and programming languages like Elixir converge for smarter coding solutions.

  • Practical Demonstrations and Use Cases: Witness practical demonstrations of the system’s capabilities.


  • Software Developers and Engineers
  • AI and Machine Learning Enthusiasts
  • Technology Innovators and Researchers
  • Open Source Contributors and Enthusiasts


GPT,Hot code reloading,Self-Healing software